iHICA! Tamale Sale

¡HICA! Tamale Sale

You may have seen this sign in our window, or all over Homewood or Facebook, for that matter, but the Tamale Sale is a GREAT way to get homemade tamales and support a great organization at the same time!

If you’re not familiar with HICA, or The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, they’re an great advocate for the Hispanic population throughout Alabama. You can find more about the organization and how to order tamale’s at https://www.hispanicinterest.org/

We heard it from a reliable source, that the tamales will be especially yummy this year!

We look forward to ordering the tamales every year at this time and its become somewhat of a holiday-season tradition for our family. A year or so ago they weren’t able to do the tamale sale because they were moving to their new facility, and it just wasn’t the same. We vowed to never miss it again!  We try to order enough to freeze some and save for later, but that never seems to happen.

Anyway, the sale ends on Sunday December 10, and pickup is Friday December 15th, so get to it if you haven’t placed your order yet.