¡HICA! Tamale Sale

¡HICA! Tamale Sale

You may have seen this sign in our window, or all over Homewood or Facebook, for that matter, but the Tamale Sale is a GREAT way to get homemade tamales and support a great organization at the same time!

If you’re not familiar with HICA, or The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, they’re an great advocate for the Hispanic population throughout Alabama. You can find more about the organization and how to order tamale’s at https://www.hispanicinterest.org/

We heard it from a reliable source, that the tamales will be especially yummy this year!

We look forward to ordering the tamales every year at this time and its become somewhat of a holiday-season tradition for our family. A year or so ago they weren’t able to do the tamale sale because they were moving to their new facility, and it just wasn’t the same. We vowed to never miss it again!  We try to order enough to freeze some and save for later, but that never seems to happen.

Anyway, the sale ends on Sunday December 10, and pickup is Friday December 15th, so get to it if you haven’t placed your order yet.

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Starting a New Holiday Tradition in WeHo

Starting a New Holiday Tradition in WeHo

This coming Monday West Homewood is starting what we’re hoping to become a new holiday tradition on Oak Gove Rd! The tree decorating/lighting neighborhood gathering is scheduled for Monday evening, 3-5pm, with the lighting at dusk, (5pm), across the street from Patriot Park in front of Studio Bham. Some supplies will be on hand to decorate ornaments, or families can bring their own. The tree will be left up through the new year if you want to pick up your ornaments.

The first “tree lighting” type of event that I ever attended was with my family when we attended the the lighting of the star in SoHo after moving to the area. There’s something exciting, especially for the wee little one, to welcoming in the Christmas season as a community. We hope to see you all there! We’re excited to get our own traditions here in WeHo as the love for our own little slice of Homewood continues to grow.

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So…What is Italian Ice?

Many visitors come in with the same question; “So… What is Italian Ice?” Let us explain.

Italian Ice is an Italian frozen dessert made with quality ingredients, like fresh fruits and fruit juices, other natural ingredients, natural stabilizers and filtered water. Italian Ice, AKA “Water Ice” is a satisfying, refreshing infusion of mouth watering flavors that you and your family will love!

“Oh! So it’s like Shaved Ice!” NO.


  • snow cone
  • shaved ice
  • slushy

Unlike snow cones and shaved ice, (ice with flavor syrup squirted on top), Italian Ice is made by carefully freezing real fruit and other natural ingredients while mixing them. Our Italian Ice is fat-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and contains NO high-fructose corn syrup.The taste is amazing, and is a healthier treat starting at only 15 calories an ounce!

Well Where Can I get Italian Ice?

Magic City Sweet Ice is sold from our Italian Ice push carts at stadiums, parks, festivals, fairs, carnivals, etc. Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to see where we’ll be next!

In addition to our push carts, we also have a storefront in West Homewood!The store is located right off West Oxmoor Road, on Oak Grove Road, across the street from Patriot Park, — a perfect family-friendly location to enjoy a frozen treat and spend the afternoon in the park. We are already meeting some of the wonderful families in the neighborhood, and we are incredibly excited to be part of the beginning phase in the revitalization of West Homewood.

We sell wholesale, and cater events such as, birthday parties, corporate events, sporting events, fundraisers, and much more! Contact us today about your next event, we would love to bring our party cart to you.

Give us a visit today and share your favorite flavors using #mcsweetice!

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