About Magic City Sweet Ice

Our Story

When David and Wani moved to the South in 2010, they were unable to find many of the frozen treats they enjoyed living further North. Going out for Italian Ice with the family was one of their favorite Summer treats. It wasn't long that they decided to start Magic City Sweet Ice and share their love of Italian ice and gelato with Birmingham in June 2014. As a husband and wife team, they began by selling Italian ices from a push-cart at street markets and other local events. It wasn't long that they decided to open a store, hired employees, and started making their own Italian Ices from scratch.

They have since expanded their menu to include gelato, sorbettos, frozen custards, hand-crafted sodas, house-baked pastries and more. Since David already had over a decade of barista and coffee shop management experience, adding the espresso bar was the next natural step. In addition to the brick and mortar in Homewood, they still continue to operate two push-carts and public or private events around town with plans to add more.

Empowering Future Business Owners

We believe that the success of our business can best be measured by the value we bring to our community, and that we have a responsibility to be an asset to the city in which we operate. Our long-term strategy is to help improve the local economy by hiring and training as many people as possible and making our products from locally sourced ingredients.

One of the core aspirations of MCSI as a company is to have a mentoring program for interested employees, affording them the opportunity to become their own self-employed push-cart owners through our "Be Your Own Boss, (BYOB)" training program.

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