5 Best Email Marketing Ideas That Can Improve Your Plumbing Business


Email marketing is a wonderful marketing method that helps plumbing marketers to pull up their business strength and spread brand awareness all around. With this, you are not just getting connected with your existing customers, but even paving the way to generate quality leads and create some new clients for your business.

Guys, wait. If you are interested in email marketing for your plumbing business, we have a plan for you. You can even call this a strategy that can bring your business to the limelight. Plumbing internet marketing has different ways to start off. And here we have chosen the professional technique – email.

Do you have 5 minutes? Just give this a read.

5 Best Email marketing ideas you can utilize for your plumbing business

1.     Send automated emails: Have you ever thought of sending automated emails? These emails are mainly sent to the customers whenever they make any kind of action on the website. For example, they subscribe to your services, they register to your website, they filled any kind of form, they made any online payment, and so on.

Basically, the automated emails are transactional emails. However, sometimes, the automated emails are used to share greetings, showcase love and care, or send educational messages. These emails are sent in bulk and are designed with one single type of template. Preferably, the MailChimp bulk messaging tool is used to serve this purpose. 

2.     Test your email copies: When you are sending a normal message, you should make sure the email content you have created is up to the mark. A professional email, especially that is related to business, should contain a few sections.

For example, a crispy and engaging title or subject line, a well-designed body format where the introduction section should contain care and empathy, a few important clickable links related to your message, powerful CTAs, and so on.

Test the email copies and examine whether they are appropriate for the purpose. If not optimize them thoroughly before clicking the send button.

3.     Keep your audience engaged: Just like you keep your friend engaged with some sort of conversation, you have to do the same with your audience as well. But how?
Via email, you can send occasional emails or weekly mails where you can talk about your latest services, some new offers, giveaways, contests, etc. Your primary aim is to keep your audiences engaged with your services so that they won’t look for any alternative plumbing business to rely on.

Promotional messages and educational links are the two best ways you can seek the attention of the readers. However, make sure you don’t send messages regularly. This will cause irritation and instead of exciting will force the customer to leave.

4.     Customer retention emails: How to retain your existing customers any idea? So that they can hire your plumbing services? Retaining your customers is what you need and the email marketing technique gives you the advantage to hold back your customers.

As we said before, you have to create emails that are engaging and by reading which customers will automatically feel good to connect with your brand again. Giveaways, contests, discounts, offers, and other promotional emails can certainly build engagement and grow qualified leads.
But don’t forget to add a CTA or call-to-action. A call to action can convert the reader into a customer and can hold them back stimulating them to perform any form of action.

5.     Track your emails: Just like you track your website performance, social media activities, SEO, and other digital marketing approaches, you should also keep an eye on your email marketing.
Track your emails and its performance metrics to find out the behavior of the customers and how they are connected with you. Email open rates, click-through rates, sharing, customer retention rates, etc. all these metrics can help you to derive the existing status of your plumbing business.


Wrapping up

Do you have a good list of contacts? Well, then no one can stop you from implementing an email marketing strategy for your plumbing business. When it comes to white label digital marketing , this one is the best ever tool to grab and walk along.

Build a list, create an email copy, read it twice, and send the emails to the customers to serve your purpose. An email can meet several purposes. It can be used for greetings, for sending a transactional message, for promoting your services, for gaining feedback from the customers, for educating the clients about the new services, etc.

No matter what your objective is, make sure you perform the job with perfection.

Updated: January 4, 2021 — 4:30 pm

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