The Geometry Dash APK For Android Phones


The game is very challenging, the background music is cool

The Geometry Dash APKgame’s structure is very simple, all by the certainty of the graphics, such as triangles, squares, shapes, etc., and the game world is composed of these graphics, although the structure is simple, but the order is not simple, the game is horizontal Version 2D, to highlight the physiognomies of the trap, need to go through the exquisite design, have to say, developers cleverly given each color different colors to distinguish, so instinctive display so that players are more probable to produce a trap response, the game the most The magic is that the rhythm of the music and the player’s jump rhythm is almost matched, if you are sensitive to the music, maybe you can close your eyes, marching rhythm can drip all the traps, quite interesting.


Each time you touch the screen, the part will jump, in addition to no other extra action, and in the main menu border, you can choose the role of control and system settings, and so on options, enter the game after any choice of level Can start in the greater right corner of the game can be suspended, pause the edge can view their progress and so on, the willing screen is very clean, no extra buttons to block the player’s line of sight, it is worth noting that the suspension HELP can view at any time, Not acquainted with the operation of the players can see.

Game Review

The Geometry Dash is very simple to play, into the level, the players selected the role will be to the right onward, the way the obstacles will always block the players, and the only way to avoid these hitches is to jump, although it looks simple, but right The player’s operation requires a high challenge, and because the perspective of the restrictions, the player will never know how the front of the terrain, so this greatly increased the effort of the opponent is the number of players can adhere to the most critical elements, of course, Reactivity, knowledge is also necessary, the experience is to rely on many times to play, only the combination of the two, in order to break through their limits, on the custom level, the need is the player thoughts.

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Updated: January 4, 2021 — 4:30 pm

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