WooCommerce Inventory and Order Management

Woocommerce includes the inventory and order management option which helps to manage the stock and orders and also helps to track them. It is very important to manage the inventory and store properly for better business growth but it’s not that easy to maintain and manage inventory and order management for that we use plugins and tools which helps to sync the inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time and manage orders. Along with this many benefits come with the plugins but it is very difficult to find the perfect plugins and tools for your business because there are many plugins in woo commerce which serves for the same purpose. Tradegecko is one of the best and popular inventory management plugins option for all WooCommerce store owners.
Order and inventory management needs a plugin manager which helps collect the products which are in the low stock age. The low stock page shows all your product it also shows and listed that products which are in low stock threshold level on a single page.

These inventory and order management plugins give you the option to create suppliers and saved their information in one place because it is very difficult to manage the suppliers and their can assign filter for suppliers. Let’s have a look at inventory management and order managements
WooCommerce Inventory management 

WooCommerce inventory management hold up for scaling can have your numbers
products and images in inventory management there is no limit for that. In WooCommerce inventory management, there is a feature that allows you to manage the stocks and inventory but for these benefits, that function should enable you to work properly. To manage and track your inventory in WooCommerce inventory style there is a stock management feature in the products inventory setting it is a built-in feature of WooCommerce inventory management if you do not enable that feature you can only check the stock status from the inventory box. Not enable the WooCommerce inventory management features means that you have the responsibility to manage the stock status.
 How to manage woo-commerce inventory management?
Once you manage the stock and product it is very easy to step forward. You can simply install the plugins in your inventory management process and then you can start your inventory management process that includes different categories of a simple product, grouped product external/affiliates product, and variable products. You can also set up the `upsells and cross cells which helps and provide your links to the customer when they are at shopping sites. Once you have done go to the terms which are on the right side of the screen and select configure terms and save the colour which is commonly used.
 Limitations ofWooCommerce inventory management 
·        It does not support the raw material
·        user can not track the multiple locations
·       it takes so much of time
·        For an update, user have to select product individually
·        Can not handle a large amount of database
·        The existing list can not be changed.
WooCommerce Order Management
Order management in WooCommerce is the name of the process in which we are tracking the orders from making to take it out from your business doors. Order management includes all the things which are needed to run the order lifecycle like people, processes & data connected to the order, covering.
Order Management Includes
·        Availability of Inventory
·        Order
·        Verification
·        Promising Inventory
·        Fulfillment
·        Or other services you offer
About the WooCommerce order management, you have to already know that when there are numerous sales then it becomes difficult very quickly. 

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Working Process of WooCommerce Order Management
The first thing you have to do is open the WooCommerce dashboard by click on WooCommerce. Now, you are able to see the WooCommerce order Management Screen.
WooCommerce > Orders
In the orders Section of WooCommerce, you are able to see the complete information which is related to the WooCommerce orders.
These Orders are generated from the customers ending the checkout process.
 Only the Admins & shop managers access are able to see all the WooCommerce order information, All the orders have the Unique ID.

In the Order Management Screen of WooCommerce, you are able to see the order status.
Order statuses codes are grey, green, and red. 
Type of orders status;
·        Pending Payment
·        Failed
·        Processing
·        Completed
·        On-hold
·        Canceled
·        Refunded
In WooCommerce order Management, you are also able to see the order number, name of the customer, purchase date, shipping address, and last the total purchase. In the WooCommerce order management screen, you are also able to edit the amount of information. For searching any order you can also do this in WooCommerce Order management by using the filter feature of by searching dates or customers. Easy arrangement of orders either in ascending or descending with the help of Order, date, and total amount. At the end regarding the row order information, you are able to see the shortcut for quick marking the processing orders & complete orders. This is the complete way of how you navigate the Order management in Woocommerce.
As simple as that it is clear how you can quickly mention how you wish to see the information on the order, without entering into it. You will get the extra information, by click on a preview button & the pop-up window will open.
You are also able to edit the order details, order status updates via the preview window or also by click on the order number & customer name.
Tradegecko is integrated with woo-commerce and also many other similar platforms. But TradeGecko is a most popular multi-channel platform for woo-commerce inventory management plugin, and also useful for order management software. For more info about the TradeGecko give permission to the users to stable their creativity, and business passion & operations.
Tradegecko automatically adjusts stocks, updates stock, and orders the purchase of your store. It is also an inventory management software that manages your sale with multiple types of aspects like invoice, delivery & stock level.
 Tradegecko also works on mobile for free. The plugin also provides a mobile app for iPhone, iPad & apple watch which helps in managing products & orders from any place.
Managing WooCommerce inventory management and order management is not that easy because you have to enable settings and download plugins that is a very challenging process but it is very essential to manage the inventory and orders for tracking your stock status, supplier creation and manage them this setting also helps you to give product links to the customer so it is the very important part for better business growth we hope this article has been helpful for you.
Updated: August 5, 2020 — 1:50 pm

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